Industrial Solar

  • Solar Opportunities for Electricians

    Does your business need some diversification? Do you have an interest in joining the Renewable Energy transition and becoming a solar leader in your community? HES PV works with professionals all across Canada and helps them add solar to their list of skills. We can help transfer our expertise to you, and we can grow together.

    Here are some opportunities open to businesses professionals in Canada:

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  • 3 Tips to Maximize Battery Life in Industrial Solar Systems

    While the Stark Industrial Solar Modules have a working life of 25 years or more, batteries have a much more limited life. When batteries start to fail the potential for a power loss increases, especially in winter when cold temperatures compound the problem. There are a number of design guidelines that will help you increase the life of batteries and reduce the grief that declining performance can bring.

    Here are some ideas about how to maximize battery life in solar systems:

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