• SaskPower Net Metering Program Update

    As of Tuesday, November 27th 2018 SaskPower’s Net Metering Program has been extended until Nov 21st, 2021 or until 16MW of renewable energy have been added. The extension comes as a result of the increasing popularity and confidence of implementing solar electric systems across Canada. Continue reading

  • New Federal Tax Policy to Stimulate Investment in Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

    In Canada’s Fall Economic Statement for 2018, significant changes were made to drive investment into clean energy sectors in Canada in order to increase Canada’s competitiveness in the world economy.

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  • Alberta Solar Rebate Increased to 35% Off!

    Across Alberta, the solar electric energy industry has grown by over 500% since 2015. The increasing expansion of the solar industry is helping to generate reliable trades and careers for many people. In fact, there are many skills related to oil and gas jobs that make for an easier transition into the solar industry. As a result, Efficiency Alberta has increased their rebate to incentivize more Alberta homeowners to install PV systems.

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  • Cleaning Battery Posts on Solar Batteries

    What is the green and white stuff on my battery posts?

    Those white deposits are likely sulphur crystals from the gasified battery acid that vents during the charging process.  Green/blue crystals may be copper sulphate, and they accumulate around the battery posts as a by product of exposure of battery gases to the lead and copper.

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  • HES PV Wins Solar Distributor of the Year!

    “We are honoured to be named 'Canada’s Solar Distributor of the Year' again. Receiving this award recognizes the hard work our team has put into both our business and the business of our clients - professional solar installers across Canada.”

    - Dave Egles, President, HES PV

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  • Fall Solar Systems Upgrade – Add 1 or 2kW of Ground Mounted Solar and End Power Shortages!

    Yes - it’s officially fall, and the days are shorter. Rain has started and electrical loads are increasing as lights come on sooner. That solar system which performed admirably all summer is becoming taxed and it's batteries are working harder than ever.

    Its never been a better time for an upgrade! Power shortages can be a thing of the past with the simple addition of 1 or 2kW of solar panels. Here’s how:

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  • Rural Solar Ground Mounting Design Tips

    Solar Design Ideas 5: Rural Ground Mounts from 2 to 200kW

    Rural solar systems reduce farm operating costs by providing electricity at lower prices than buying from utilities. They represent an opportunity for solar installers to help farmers take advantage of Net Metering programs and provincial support initiatives. These are supported by Saskatchewan Solar ProgramAlberta's Energy Efficiency ProgramManitoba’s Solar Energy Program and Ontario’s Green-On programs. BC farmers can take advantage of BC’s solar tax exemption, and zero connection costs.

    HES has many new innovations in 2018 to help all installers reduce the costs of ground mounted solar installations, including:

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  • New MPPT Charge Controllers for Canadian Solar Systems

    EPS is an innovative manufacturer who have designed solar charge controllers that work perfectly with the new value priced 60 cell solar panels like the SF-220 and SM-265MC.  This article explores the options and their advantages for Canadian cabin owners.

    10 years ago most off-grid cottages used 36 cell modules like the HES-100s.   60 cell modules needed very expensive MPPT charge controllers like the Outback FM-60s or Morningstar Tri-Star MPPT series.

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  • Solar on a Strata - Two Years Now

    Note: This is another entry in the 'Solar on a Strata' blog series <https:bcsea.org/solar-on-strata It chronicles the planning, installation, and ongoing experience with a 60-module solar PV installation on Central Park Strata, a 63-unit condominium in downtown Victoria. HES-PV supplied the hardware such as Fronius Inverters and Solar Panels in June 2015. I was the Strata President and led the project to install them, and continue as a volunteer adviser to the Strata Council.

    Bottom line: There isn't much to report in the last year and a half. The system continues to produce electricity every day, without maintenance. I asked the current Strata President if they would like me to come to their next AGM to answer any questions, and her response was:

    We have asked around about the solar panels, and nobody really showed much interest in learning more about them. I think that overall, people are just happy that they will eventually pay for themselves and generate power, but that's the extent of their interest. Unfortunately, I think that by coming and doing a presentation would be a waste of your time.

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  • HES PV Solar Design Series: 4. Solar Systems for Large Residential and Agricultural Rooftops - 2018 Innovations

    One of the most active sectors of the solar market are the rural residential and agricultural customers. With larger roofs, the generating capacity often allows the buyer to offset 100% of their power needs with solar on an annual basis. These owners are thinking in the long term, whether retirees or generational land owners – That makes them good customers for solar.

    In the fast moving solar technology world, there are new products which allow solar companies to install systems competitively and profitably. This article addresses some ideas about the  options to take to these customers.

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