Fronius IG Plus V 10.0

Fronius is a leading global manufacturer of high-frequency grid-tie inverters. The Fronius Solar Electronics division creates quality and state-of-the-art technology to convert and harness energy in a sustainable way. With full-featured string inverters available from 3 to 12 kW and an Ontario manufacturing facility, they are the inverter of choice for microFIT and FIT projects.

The Fronius IG Plus V 10.0 meets Ontario Domestic Content requirements.


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Product Description

Our most popular inverter for FIT and microFIT projects is the 9995W-rated Fronius IG Plus V 10.0. Ideal for PV arrays from 8.5 to 11.5DC kWp, the IG Plus V 10.0 maximizes microFIT system revenue while staying below the 10kW AC cutoff.

Fronius IG Plus V 10.0 features:

  • Configurable to 208/240/277VAC output.
  • Available in single and three phase.
  • Separate control box and power stage for simple servicing.
  • 99.9%-accurate Maximum Power Point Tracking increases yield in all light levels.
  • Integrated, fully lockable DC disconnect saves install time and costs.
  • 10 year warranty that is extendable to 20 years.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brands Fronius
Data Sheet Fronius IG Plus V Series Spec Sheet
Manual Fronius IG Plus V Manual
Input 230-500V
Output 9995W
DC Disconnect Yes
Dimensions 17.1 x 49.7 x 9.6"
Product Weight 110 lbs
Warranty 10 Years